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Lesson Plan & Official Rules


Overall Purpose of the Activity: To improve players aim and accuracy.

Objectives: To throw the stone closest to the target in the end of the rink and guard rocks from being knocked out by other team


  • 16 stones ( 8 stones one colour and the other 8 another colour)
  • 8 brooms ( 4 for each team)
  • 8 sliders for shoes (tape or paper can be used for modified play)
  • Modified rocks for use in gyms

Saftey Considerations:

  • Players need to be aware of the weight of the rocks
  • Tell players to never touch rocks during play to avoid pinching fingers
  • Inform players that rocks can move quickly and to always be watching moving rocks

Planning and Organizational Notes:

  • Tell players: 
    • To throw slowly to avoid falling and to control throw

Activity Description:

  • Teams are made up of four players. Each player throws two rocks, alternating with the opponent. The first player is known as the Lead and throws the first two rocks. The second player is known as the Second and throws the second two. The third player is known as the Vice Skip and throws the third two rocks. The fourth player is known as the Skip (team captain) and throws the last two rocks
  • A coin toss determines which team starts. The winner usually chooses to throw the last rock and the loser of the toss chooses the rock colour.
  • Each team alternates when throwing stones. So one team will throw then the other.
  • As the lead is throwing, the second and vice are designated sweepers, with the skip calling the shots. When the second is throwing, the lead and vice are the sweepers. When the vice is throwing, the lead and seconds are sweeping. When it comes time for the skips to throw, the vice skip takes over responsibility of the house and calls all sweeping for direction. The lead and second remain as the sweepers for the skip's shots
  • Only one team can score in an end and the most any team can score is eight. A team scores by placing rock closest to the target

Refinements to Look for:

  • Play in the gym to allow students to become familiar with the rule and skills needed

Simplification and Extension Ideas:

  • Simplification:
    • Use lighter objects to throw instead of rocks
    • Shorten the distance between ends
  • Extension:
    • Use smaller throwing object so hitting the target is harder
Use a smaller target


Curling Official Rules

Created By:
Melissa Carroll, Andrew Timmers, Fil DaSilva & Kevin Moote