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Away From the Everyday Sports Camp

Introductory Lead-Up Games for Batting/Fielding Category

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Introductory Lead-Up Game for Cricket

 Warm-up/Introductory Game




SKILLS:  hitting, fielding, catching, throwing


EQUIPMENT:  2 bats, 4 balls


ORGANIZATION: 2 groups of 6 each with their own activity area. 1 bats, while the other 5 field. The other group does the same.



  • batter will bat off a T or adult pitcher
  • each batter gets 10 swings or hits
  •  fielder can get points by fielding the ball
  • 100 for caught fly
  • 50 for one bouncer
25 for a grounder

Introductory Lead-Up Game for Stoolball

 Warm-up/Introductory Game




SKILLS:  hitting, fielding, catching, throwing


EQUIPMENT: 1 bat, 1 ball, 4 bases


ORGANIZATION: 2 groups of 6: 1 on defence and 1 on offence. Set up bases in diamond formation. Defensive team is set up with a player close to each base and extras at appropriate positions.



        batters can bat off T or adult pitcher

        when the ball is hit, the batter runs around the bases until put out

        after fielding the ball, it is thrown to a base in front of the runner

         ball must arrive ahead of the runner for an out

         sides change after every player has batted

        score 1 point for each base touched

 first team to score 21 points wins

Created By:
Melissa Carroll, Andrew Timmers, Fil DaSilva & Kevin Moote