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Away From the Everyday Sports Camp
About Us
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Our Philosophy

The goal of our program is to get kids interested in a variety of different games.  We feel that introducing them to games away from the mainstream (basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, football) can benefit them in numerous ways.

Our Proposal

We believe that by familiarizing children with the games in our program will add a new element to the way they play sports.  Statistics show an increasing drop-out rate of highschool physical education.  We feel that an important cause of this is varying skill levels.  Children can have low confidence in their skills due to mainstream sports.  We feel that children of all shapes and sizes can be successful in the various games in our program.  Many skills are also transferrable to mainstream sports which can be used later on in phys-ed classes.  Our method of teaching the skills/strategies/tactics of our games is unique from the elementary and highschool curriculum.  We are more centered around having the children explore the skills on their own, followed by guidance from observation of our councillors. 

Our Program

This is a summer camp run Saturdays for 8 weeks.  The camp will begin at 10:30 am and end at 4:30 pm.  There will be a half hour lunch (provided) at 11:30 and snack breaks periodically.  Each day a new sport is started.  We will begin by having the children play what we refer to as a "lead-up game."  This allows the children to understand the skills involved in the game through exploration.  After they have played the lead-up game for a short time they will then talk about skill refinements and what the most effective and efficient strategies and tactics were in the game. They will then either play the lead-up game again or a game from the same category (at which time modifications can be made depending on success and skill level) practicing the different skill refinements and tactics that were discussed.  The amount of time it will take for the children to learn the appropriate skills and strategies will vary with the difficulty of each game; thus, the amount of time taken before the children will play the game in its true form is unknown.  This is why we have chosen to devote a full day to each sport


Created By:
Melissa Carroll, Andrew Timmers, Fil DaSilva & Kevin Moote